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10 Best Bathroom Heaters – A Definite Guide

Trust us!! This will be the best bathroom heaters reviews and buying guide for you. Why? Well, when we were searching for us some heaters, did not find any adequate guidelines and considerations. This incident literally frustrated us.

So, we started to visit Reddit, quora, and other forums for some recommendations. Thanks to all the forum members, who assisted us by replying to numerous bathroom heaters. Based on the members’ guidance, we explored each of the products by asking us some questions.

 For example, will this product meet our requirements? Do we need this for our bathrooms? Etc. Each of the questions was helping us to reach our final destination to choose the right product.  

After choosing the right product among numerous heaters, a great idea hit our mind. And the idea was, “why don’t we share our product buying journey with the people?”

So, we started to jot down our experiences and organized those as an article for sending our editor. Now you are reading the edited version of our fantastic product choosing experience. 

For your convenience, we have broken down the article into three parts. The first part will give an overview of the top ten bathroom heaters. The next section will provide you with a guideline on -how to buy the right heater. And the final part will answer you, “what are the advantages of a bathroom heater?”

So, are you ready? Let’s jump into the first section by answering a question. 

Why are these heaters the best bathroom heater?

We asked numerous forums to know their most preferred bathroom heater. They responded to us with 20 different bathroom heater. Then, we scrutinized each of the heater based on their review and expert opinion.

As a result of our analysis, finally, we picked the top 10 bathroom heaters. Here you are going to read a quick review of each product -based on their positive and negative sides. These reviews will show what people liked and did not like -plus our opinion.

So let’s start the review with Boran first.

Top 3 Recommendations - Best Bathroom Heaters

Broan 655 Heater/Fan/Light


Panasonic FV-11VHL2 Multipurpose Heater


Broan Model 157 Ceiling Heater


10 Best Bathroom Heaters


Broan 174 Wall Heater

Features and specifications:

Most of the homeowners recommended this brand -for those who are intending to fit a wall-mounted bathroom heater. The positive sides of this heater are its heating capacity. It can quickly make the room warm without soaking up enough electricity.

So, you don’t have to think a lot about electricity bills. The most attractive feature of this device is its grills. These grills are focusing on downwards. For this reason, the floor gets warmer faster.

Like this comfortable feature, Broan offers fantastic ventilation to keep the inside air fresh. Though this device works great, it has some drawbacks. For example, the instruction manual is vague.

You have to seek help from Google in some cases for that, but it’s alright. Another negative thing is its sound, which is not disturbing, but if the engineer could make it better. Apart from the negative sides, this bathroom heater is suitable for small rooms. Still, confused? Then read the pros and cons. If it cannot satisfy you, take a look at the other product.

Things you may like

Things you may not like


Broan 655 Heater/Fan/Light

Features and specifications:

Since you are here to read our second product, for your convenience, it is not a wall-mounted bathroom heater. Instead, a ceiling heater coming with three unique facilities -which few companies offer. The benefits are; fan, light, and heater. The fan ventilates the inside air pretty well. 

Likewise, the fan, the light, can cover a 65 sq, ft bathroom. So it goes for the heater also.

A most important feature of the heater is; it can heat the room quickly. Now, maybe are you thinking about electric efficiency? Well, in this case, you don’t have to pay a lot of money behind the electric bills.

 For example, one of our participants used this heater for 20 minutes. It cost less than the average multipurpose heater. Based on their perspective, this heater is good enough. But we noticed that; people are complaining about the noise and robust installation procedure.

However, people rated it 4.5 stars for these following pros and cons. Maybe these points can help you to make the decision. If you are still in need of alternatives, read our third review.

Things you may like

Things you may not like


Cadet 79241 Electric Wall Heater

Features and specifications:

A proper alternative of Broan wall heater – that we mentioned at first. Why? Because this wall heater heats a 250 sq ft room quickly. To heat a room, it takes less time and electric power. So, it has seen that; it saves your monthly electronic budgets.

It does not only save the electric budget but also protects the maintenance cost. For example, the stainless steel grills are rust-resistant, though people are complaining about the top front grills -for being funky. 

Still, we prefer this heater because of its easy on/off and installation. This heater can also warm your bedroom or workstation up. Thus, you can either fit it in the bathroom or private room — indeed the right product within a budget-friendly price. 

Before buying this heater, you need to check the pros and cons. Maybe it will help you to click the right one, or jump to the fourth product. Who knows?

Things you may like

Things you may not like


QMark CZ2048T Electric Wall Heater

Features and specifications:

Maybe this heater could be your considerable cadet alternative. Because the front frames can provide even heat in the room. They can make a room warmer, like the cadet electric wall. Now, what features have made this heater unique?

The zonal heating and multi-layer impeller have made this bathroom heater unique. Features like zonal heating can keep a select a zone warm. On that warm place, the multi-layer impeller keeps the airflow consistent.

And that is why your room stays comfortable. For making the room warm, this device does not use much electricity. It will ultimately reflect on your monthly electric bill. Besides considering the positive factors, you need to evaluate the adverse elements.

Vibration and loudness are two of the adverse features. These may annoy you. But still, the pros and cons may direct you to the right path. If they cannot, don’t worry. You still have options.

Things you may like

Things you may not like


Panasonic FV-11VHL2 Multipurpose Heater

Features and specifications:

We were talking about the options. And Panasonic has made this more fully. Features like light, fan, and heater are a real example of enough choice. An all in one element – that can save you from thousands of hassle.

For example, you don’t have to repair this heater over and over for overheating. Maybe it is unbelievable for some of you. Truth is; yes, Panasonic has researched the competitors well. That is why they could invent an electric efficient, and well ventilation supported heater.

The light of this heater is bright enough to cover your bathroom. But there is one drawback, which is; Panasonic has used an expensive GU35 bulb. This type of bulb soaks a bit more electric power. But don’t worry, if you want you can replace the bulb.

 This alternative option can save your bills a lot more. Like the bills, this heater can protect your bathroom from humidity, mold, and air pollution for a fantastic ventilation facility. To provide this facility, Panasonic Fv-22VHL2 takes more than one minute -after turning on the switch. 

So, consider this negative side before buying. There will be some more significant points in the pros and cons section. Read carefully before clicking the link. If they cannot satisfy you, let us try harder.

Things you may like

Things you may not like


Broan Model 157 Ceiling Heater

Features and specifications:

Starting our hardest try with a low-budget ceiling heater. You can use it as a supplement of the master bath. Because it needs only a 15-amp circuit to run and takes a little space to get installed. From that least space, it can heat a particular area because of having a metal-sheathed element.

The motor which produces the heat sounds noisy for us. We don’t know; was it happen for all users or us? We did not like the sound, maybe Broan could make it better. Still, a positive thing is their aluminum grill.

These grills are rust and corrosion-resistant. Including this durable facility, the heater offers an infrared technology. This means the heat will spread equally. For that reason, the electric bill does not exceed the budget.

Although this heater can reduce the bills, it cannot evaluate your valuable office, school time. It takes more than a minute to heat up, even if you keep the wall controller at two o clock speed. In a nutshell, this device is suitable for supplementary purposes. 

But there is a better option than this heater, which is FFDDY. You will know about the heater after short pros and cons.

Things you may like

Things you may not like


FFDDY portable electric heater

Features and specifications:

A portable heater is better than a supplementary ceiling heater. How? If we compare FFDY and BROAN, then we will see that; this FFDY offers extensive ranged facilities to its users. Features like: quick heating, lightweight, overheat protection, and auto turn off can make your winter more comfortable.

Besides these private facilities, it has durable frames -that are rust-resistant. This heater has electric efficiency as well as durability. So, you don’t have to think about bills. Instead, you need to think about minor drawbacks.

Drawbacks like, if your bathroom is vast enough, then it cannot cover the entire room. Plus, it sounds noisy a bit. After considering all the negative sides, people prefer this for winter. If the drawbacks turn your mood off, then check the Lasko review. 

It might help you. Before that, reconsider this heater, please. That is why here are the pros and cons.

Things you may like

Things you may not like


Lasko Bathroom Heater (CD08200)

Features and specifications:

This heater could be a good alternative to the FFDY portable heater because we got some great features. All these features will be discussed below, including the negative sides. So, the positive things are:

It has three different heat control options. One is “1-hour heat” control, and it will be shut down after an hour. The next one is “high heat,” which does not shut down on its own. And the third one is “low heat.” So, a user gets enough option to select their desired heat.

To support user demand, Lasko does not eat a massive amount of electricity. Instead, it saves your bills from the regular portable heater by providing quick warmth. As a portable heater, it works like magic for many of us.

But, while it was serving the heat, vibrating like hell. We did not like this feature because it could be removed by using non-skid. Plus, Lasko could add an air filter to catch the lints. Overall, it is, in some cases, better than FFDY. Here is why?

Things you may like

Things you may not like


Rosewill Space Bathroom Heater

Features and specifications:

Our last two reviews are especially for those -who want cheap bathroom heaters. And Rosewill is one of them. They provide comparatively conventional heaters than other short-living heater manufacturers.

The best things about this heater are; it has the adjustable thermostat controlling system. So, you can easily select the desired heat from low to high. During the highest temperature, there is a chance of overheating and fire.

That is why the manufacturer has added a tip-over switch to prevent the unexpected problem. Though it has the tip-over switch, it sounds a bit loud. Apart from the issue, you can consider this device.

Before jumping over the last review, check the pros and cons of the Rosewill heater.

Things you may like

Things you may not like


Broan-Nutone 9093 combo bathroom heater

Features and specifications:

So far, this is not up to the mark type heater from Broan. Don’t we know why people are rating this highly? Now, why have we added this to our list? Well, it is perfect for 65sq.ft bathroom. If you buy this for your bathroom, it will work three ways for you.

For example, the light is good to cover the regular activities. But the manufacturer could use an alternative light. There are several electric efficient lights as far as we know. Still, the heater has two positive things.

 An exhaust fan, which can keep the inside air inline. And the heater to cover a chilly morning. These two earlier mentioned facilities are suitable for a small bathroom. If you still intend to learn more about the heater, click the amazon link. But read the pros and cons of firsts.

Things you may like

Things you may not like

How to buy the best bathroom heaters?

Well, this was the first question -that instantly hit in our every participant mind, when they have decided to buy a bathroom heater. And it also beat our mind while we were structuring this content for you.

So, based on the participants’ concept and our consideration, we have designed a buying guide. This guideline will tell you what to consider before buying a heater. So, the first thing about our buying guide is:

Types of bathroom heater:

There are four types of bathroom heaters. Each one is different from its feature. That is why we have decided to write a bit about the features.

Portable heater:

Portable heaters are tiny type heaters, and they cover a specific range. With that limited range, it can correctly heat the rooms. This sort of device takes low energy, which means less electric bill. And these heaters are easy to carry. People who live in an area where the winter season does not sustain for a long time; they can use this portable heater. Or you can use this heater in the office or bedroom.

Exhaust fan with heater:

The second type of heater comes with an exhaust fan. This fan usually removes the smoke from your bathroom. It does not only removes steam but also keeps the bathroom air fresh. It is an essential feature with a heater because steam can harm your bathroom walls and ceiling. 

Wall-mounted heater:

It is mounted with the walls, and controlled by a switch stays beside the heater. The installation process of the heater is stringent, though it lasts for a long time -by providing the heat evenly. So, if you are planning for a permanent heater, then consider this wall installation. In this durable installation case, it seems you have another option.

Ceiling heater:

Yes, we are talking about this installation type. These heaters work like the wall-mounted heater, and all their activities are the same as other wall-mounted heaters-except from the installation. It usually installed over the ceiling, takes less space.

Electric efficiency:

After considering the types, participants and we have noticed the electrical ability. Everyone wants a device that reduces their monthly bills. And in this case, portable heaters are electric efficient. There are also some suitable electric wall and ceiling heaters. Comparatively, portable heaters are good.

 Heating time and area:

The next essential questions are: how fast the heater can warm the bathroom? And how much space it can cover? For getting an appropriate answer to these questions, we recommend reading the product detail from our given link or product websites. It will help you to decide the right product.

Safety features:

At present, all of the heaters are offering a wide range of safety features. For example, some of the heaters turn off when they get overheated. While another heater has a fire-resistance feature. So, the recommendation is to check the safety features. If you have checked the safety measurement, then you are ready for the next section.

Advantages of using the bathroom heater:

This advantage part is only for the newbie. If you are not a newbie, you may avoid it. So the benefits are as follows:

        • The first advantage is health improvement. In research, it has seen that heaters heat can improve cardiovascular circulation.
        • The bathroom heater can control the moisture of your bathroom.

It can also control the steam and can keep the inside environment fresh.


So, it is time to wrap up the whole article. As we mentioned, we have shared our product buying experience through this article. We don’t know how much it helped you, but we would be happy if you can give your feedback. 

With that saying, we want to confess that; our team has found the best bathroom heaters from experience. And all of the heaters are from BROAN. Thank you. 

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