Best inflatable bathtubs for babies and children

In addition to inflatable bathtubs for adults, versions for babies and childhood are also trendy. Especially for new parents, the baby’s bath time is critical to convey familiarity and joy to their offspring.

An inflatable bathtub for babies and children is, therefore, no trivial frills but a vital accessory for the little ones’ body care. In addition to babies, toddlers also like to splash around in the water for a long time, which they can safely do in the tub for kids.

If you are wondering what an inflatable bathtub for babies and children is exactly and you want more detailed information about it, you will indeed find it in this article.

But which inflatable bathtubs for babies and children are the best? We are introducing you to the seven best inflatable bathtubs for babies and children, so you don’t have to spend hours looking for the right product.

The best inflatable bathtubs for babies and children

PALCRAMA inflatable bathtub for newborns

The PALCRAMA bathtub for newborns can be folded up and has a bath seat so that your baby lies safely in the bathtub. There is also a soft backrest. There is also a drain plug. The product is suitable for newborns and small children weighing up to 15 kilograms.

There is also a pump to inflate the tub. There are also models in pink and blue to choose from. There is also a foam base. The product can be inflated quickly and easily with the pump.

Also, the tub material for kids is made of anti-allergic PVC, and the material is non-toxic and safe. In addition to the inflatable bathtub for children, the delivery scope includes a hand pump and a repair kit. The external dimensions are 98 x 65 x 28 centimeters and the internal dimensions are 80 x 50 x 26 centimeters.


  • Bath seat available for more security.
  • Soft backrest.
  • A hand pump and repair kit included.
  • Soft foam base.


  • Not always in stock.

Bathtub inflatable bathtub

The Bathtub Intimate Inflatable Bathtub is also suitable for babies and children. This model is made of environmentally friendly and non-toxic PVC according to American standards. A foot pump is included in the delivery scope so that you can pump up the tub quickly.

There is a convenient drain plug in the bottom for easy water release. The external dimensions are 160 x 84 x 64 centimeters. Thanks to the inflatable armrest, backrest and air cushion, it is very comfortable. There is also a cover for the product.

Customers find it pleasant that the inflatable bathtub for adults is more comfortable and softer than a classic bathtub. The price-performance ratio is also perfect. The quality is satisfactory.

Buyers say that the inflatable bathtub should have had an electric pump instead of the foot pump, as inflating would have been easier.


  • More comfortable and softer than a classic bathtub.
  • The price-performance ratio is excellent.
  • Good quality.


  • Instead of a foot pump, an electric pump would be more comfortable when inflating.

Munchkin duck baby bath

The Munchkin duck baby bath comes in an attractive design for the little ones: this model has a cute duck shape. A textured surface prevents the child from slipping in the tub. If the bathwater is still too hot for the baby, this will be indicated by a White Hot heat sensor. There is a headrest so that your children can lie safely and comfortably in the bath.

This product is perfect for at home and on the go, as it can be folded up to save space. Babies and toddlers can use this inflatable tub from 6 to 24 months of age.

Customers are often delighted with the tub for kids, and the children should also be glad because it is shaped like a duck. There would be suction cups on the bottom of the product so that the tub cannot slip. Furthermore, the soft material is an advantage, as the kids cannot hurt themselves while playing. The high side walls are ideal as they prevent the little ones from falling out.

Customers rarely complain that the tub smells strongly of plastic. Also, this model is okay for babies, but toddlers would not fit in.


  • Children were enthusiastic about duck shape.
  • Suction cups on the floor (tub does not slip).
  • Soft material.
  • High side walls prevent it from falling out.


  • Initially smells like plastic.

Jilong Tiny Tots baby bath

With its compact size of 91 x 61 x 29 centimetres and the child-friendly design, Tiny Tots baby bath is ideal for babies from 0 to 1 years of age. You can use the product indoors as well as outdoors.

The inflatable bathtub for babies and children has a non-slip floor, and a bath seat gives the children more security when bathing. The product has a practical hook to hang it up to dry, fold it up and then stow it away to save space.

The product is also made from durable PVC. The tub also weighs 748 grams. There is also a water temperature warning indicator if the water is too hot.

Buyers say the tub is of outstanding quality, and the kids would love the product. The price-performance ratio is perfect. A repair kit is also included in the scope of delivery, which works well with small cracks.

Customers sometimes complain that the water temperature warning indicator does not work very reliably and should not be relied on.


  • Excellent quality.
  • Perfect price
  • Performance
  • Relationship.
  • Repair kit included in delivery (small cracks can be easily mended).


  • Water temperature warning indicator not exceptionally reliable.

Locisne Inflatable Baby Bathtub

The Locisne inflatable baby bathtub children’s pool is suitable for children from 0 to 3 years. The material is made of BPA-free European PVC, it is smooth and soft, so it protects your child’s skin.

The external dimensions are 96 x 60 x 30 centimeters and the internal dimensions are 78 x 45 x 28 centimeters. Furthermore, the underside is designed to be non-slip, and there is a bathing seat for more safety. A pouch on the side of the tub offers space for a baby shampoo or shower gel. Thanks to the plastic rope on the bottom, you can hang the tub to dry. An inflation pump is also available.

Customers find the quality of the material and the thickness commendable. The pump is efficient. The price-performance ratio is good. Also, the tub for kids is very comfortable and pleasantly soft.

Buyers sometimes say that the tub would initially smell strongly of chemicals. However, this smell disappears after ventilation.


  • Quality and thickness are good.
  • Pump handy.
  • Comfortable and pleasantly soft.


  • It smells like chemistry as when newly opened.

Bestway inflatable baby bathtub

The inflatable baby bathtub from Bestway is suitable for children from 0 to 2 years. The dimensions are 76 x 48 x 33 centimeters. A repair kit is also included. The material is made of durable vinyl with a thickness of 0.27 millimetres.

This model has a colourful design so that children can enjoy it even more. The floor is fluted and inflatable. Also, there is a bathing seat, which is why more security is offered for your offspring. With the supplied thermometer, which is in the shape of a yellow fish, your baby can also play while bathing.

Customers are happy that babies and toddlers would love the tub. The floor is just as soft as the entire inflatable bathtub, and the little ones can also lean against the product. The baby can finally splash around and play in a tub. The size is also just right.

In rare cases, buyers complain that the tub appears less stable when it is filled with water.


  • Babies and children often love the tub.
  • The floor is as soft as the entire tub, and the little ones can lean against it.
  • The size is just right.


  • Not very stable (when filled with water).

Intex baby pool

The Intex baby pool is available in pink and green. The product dimensions are 85 x 85 x 23 centimetres. The product is suitable for children from 1 to 3 years.

The material is made of durable vinyl, and the floor is soft and inflatable. With a wall height of 18 centimetres, the water content is 57 litres. Furthermore, the material thickness is 0.25 millimetres so that there are sufficient stability and resistance.

Satisfied customers say that the tub’s seams are very well made so that there is no risk of injury to the kids. The size is just right for small children. Also, the height is appropriate, as the little ones can climb in and out again.

Some buyers complain that you cannot choose the colour, which is disadvantageous with the desired colour.


  • Seams very well processed (therefore no risk of injury).
  • Sized just right for small children.
  • Suitable height (children can climb in and out).


  • You don’t pick the colour.

Advice: Buying the right inflatable bathtub for babies and children

Purchase criteria for inflatable bathtubs for babies and children

When it comes to tubs for kids, there are a few things to look out for. Then you will know what is essential with such products, and you can choose an ideal model for your offspring. You can see these purchase criteria below.

  • Processing: Inflatable bathtubs for babies and children are made of different plastics. The products should be BPA-free, and the best way to prove that they are free of harmful substances is through test marks and certificates. The little ones’ delicate skin is not damaged, and there must also be no sharp edges.
  • Size: If you buy a particularly large tub, it can be used longer. However, babies, in particular, often feel lost in a large tub. For slightly older kids, on the other hand, a larger model is worth considering.
  • Storage space: If you live in a smaller apartment, space-saving models make sense. Huggable bathtubs are practical for the little ones, as they can be folded up to save space after use and therefore take up small storage space.
  • Water outlet: You cannot always lift a tub for the offspring after use and carry it into the shower to empty it. This is especially true if you cannot place the product near a drain. A drain hose, for example, is then helpful so that you can first empty the water into a bucket.
  • Sasmalltubs for the kids also get wet, and there is a risk of slipping. Some models, therefore, bring anti-slip pads; others can be upgraded with them.
  • Comfort for children: If a baby feels comfortable in a limited space, smaller versions are ideal for them. However, if the child has a lot of urge to move, then larger models are recommended.
  • Certification mark: If the inflatable bathtub for babies and children has a TÜV seal, this is an indicator for the kids’ safety.

The different models of inflatable bathtubs for babies and children

There are different versions of tubs for kids. We present these different types of inflatable bathtubs for babies and children in this section.

  • Differentiation by size: There are smaller inflatable bathtubs for babies to make them feel safer. But you can also choose larger models in which children with a more incredible urge to move can play and bathe enthusiastically. It should be noted that the little ones should always flow under supervision. You should also consider how much space there is in your home. If you consider using the shower or your bathtub product, you should determine its dimensions before selecting a suitable variant.
  • Differentiation according to design: Babies and children certainly love bright colours around them. It’s no different with an inflatable bathtub. Therefore there are attractive models in child-friendly colours, with floral patterns or in rainbow colours. The products can have a round, square or oval shape. There are also models that, for example, come in a funny duck shape. Here you can choose according to your wishes.
  • Variants with a bath seat: Inflatable bathtubs with a bath seat are particularly recommended for babies. This makes the offspring more stable in the tub, which is also a relief for parents.
  • Differentiation by material: Most inflatable tubs for kids are made of high-quality PVC. Often these are pollutant-free. But for the safety of your child, you should recheck such properties on the respective product. If you choose an incredibly hard-wearing bathtub, you can also use it in the garden in summer so that the little ones can enjoy their inflatable bathtub even more.

Advantages and disadvantages of the inflatable bathtub for babies and children

  • Grooming and fun in one for the kids
  • Easy construction
  • Flexible – you can place the product wherever you want
  • Mobility – the bath can be taken anywhere.
  • Space-saving – when folded and compact, you can stow the tub anywhere.
  • Less risk of injury when falling
  • Short service life depending on the model

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about inflatable bathtubs for babies and children answered

What is an inflatable bathtub for babies and children?

An inflatable bathtub for babies and children is usually a soft, air-filled bathtub in small format, usually made of PVC. With this tub, it is possible to bathe babies and small children safely.

You can use such a product in your bathtub or shower and the living room or the children’s room. However, if you use the tub outside of the bathroom, you should expect a few splashes of water.

The little ones feel comfortable in a size-adapted tub, especially when the water temperature is pleasant. If possible, this should correspond to the offspring’s body temperature, i.e. from about 36 to 38 degrees.

If the selected model has a plug, this is an advantage. Because some pins change their colour with the water temperature. So when there is hot or cold water, the plug takes on a corresponding colour. The plug replaces a bath thermometer because as soon as the ideal temperature level is reached, it shows this.

If the inflatable bathtub for kids has a plug and a drainage hose, it is particularly easy to empty and clean. Install the hose in the intended place and then let the water drain into the sink or bathtub. Flushing through the product also takes little time with this hose.

Inflatable bathtubs are practical for transport because they are lightweight and can be folded up compactly. This model can be stored in the changing table or on the shelf to save space after use.

How does an inflatable bathtub for babies and children work?

Most of the small-format inflatable bathtubs have a non-slip underside. This product is often used in the bathtub or shower, but it can also be used in any other room.

Depending on the function, the tub is filled with lukewarm water. Every tap is suitable for this, but you should pay attention to the optimal degree of heat. If the water is too hot, you can add a little cold water and vice versa until the temperature is right.

A skin-friendly additive is added to a bubble bath, as offered by well-known brands. But bathing is fun even if no bath additives are used, and the water remains clear.

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You can use an inflatable bathtub for babies and children for other purposes. For example, in summer, the product can be used very well for splashing around in the garden. And as soon as the child is too big for the tub, the product can simply be converted into a toy.

A bath seat is also beneficial for babies. After all, some children cannot hold still, so they can slip and be frightened if water gets on their faces or even go underground. Such small accidents can be avoided with a bath seat, and the little ones gain more security.

What are the safety precautions for inflatable bathtubs for babies and children?

You should never leave your child unattended in the tub! If you have to leave the room for a short time, for example, because the phone is ringing, it is best to take your child with you. If the water is not exceptionally high, you must neglect to slip and drown under no circumstances.

Not only small children but also older children should only bathe under supervision.

You should also make sure that there are no pointed objects, such as toys, in the tub. The little ones could injure themselves, and the surface of the inflatable bathtub could also be damaged.

The water should be comfortable for the offspring; it should not be too cold and not too hot. If you set up the product outside, for example, in your garden, you should have adequate sun protection (parasol, waterproof sunscreen) and prefer shady places.

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Where can I put an inflatable bathtub for babies and children?

Damp skin can cool down quickly when bathing. The bathtub should, therefore, ideally be in a room with a pleasantly warm room temperature. This is usually the case in the bathroom. The most secure non-slip place for the tub is in the shower, on the floor or in your bathtub.

The water can then spillover, and when the child climbs out of the tub, it can hardly be injured.

When choosing the right installation location, it is not just the room temperature that plays a role; the filling and emptying of the product are also necessary. Therefore, being close to a drain or water source is a good location.

If the inflatable bathtub for babies and children is in the shower or their bathtub, that’s no problem. If you don’t have enough space in the bathroom, you can move to another room. It is only essential that the place is warmed up.

If the bathtub is in a different room than the bathroom, it is advantageous if it is a smaller model. After all, these can also be transported easily. A sizeable inflatable bathtub for kids in other rooms can be filled and emptied with a bucket, for example.

Regardless of where you ultimately bathe your child, all utensils such as a change of clothes and towel should be within reach so that you don’t have to leave your offspring alone.

How do you properly clean an inflatable bathtub for babies and children?

Special cleaning agents are not necessary for such a product, as hardly any dirt is created. Therefore, it is sufficient to rinse the tub with clean water after use and then use a cloth to remove soap residue carefully.

Now and then, you can dilute a squirt of lemon juice or vinegar to use as a cleaner. This removes dirt residues, disinfects and protects the material.

You have to dry an inflatable bathtub for kids properly afterwards; otherwise, residues of bath additives and water can collect on the folds. If the tubs are not used for a long time, the germination provides an ideal breeding ground.

Therefore, wipe the tub thoroughly dry after use and cleaning and let it air dry a little. You can then fold the product up and stow it away to save space.

What is the right temperature for babies and children to bathe in an inflatable bathtub?

When using the tub, it is important to prepare everything correctly. It’s not just about the water temperature, but also about the environment. The room in which the product is located should have a temperature of at least 22 degrees. This means that the offspring do not freeze when they are taken out of the water.

After turning on the heater, pour water into the tub. If possible, the water temperature should be 35 to 38 degrees. If you have a pool thermometer, you can determine whether you need to add hot or cold water to the bathwater until the ideal water temperature is reached.

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When the inflatable bathtub for babies and children is filled with warm water, there must be enough space. Because here, too, as with a regular bathtub, the principle of displacement applies. Depending on the size of your child, the level of the tub is around ¾.

Measure the water temperature just before you put your child in the water. This is the only way you can be sure that the water is still sufficiently warm and has not cooled down. It is essential to avoid excessive heat.

The toddlers sometimes feel their pain with a delay and the moment of shock is noticeably longer than in adults. The reaction, therefore, only takes place after a long time. If the water is too hot, the screaming starts relatively late, which is why parents cannot react early enough. The risk of scalding is therefore high if you do not use a thermometer.

While you are bathing your child, you should keep the windows and door closed so that there are no drafts and your offspring does not get cold. Only then can you ventilate. In the beginning, a bath of between five and ten minutes is sufficient.

The water does not get cold during this period. After about two months, the parents follow the rule: “Five minutes longer with each month of life.” But even later, you should make sure that the water temperature does not drop too much.

After the bath, the child should not be exposed to large temperature differences to dry and get dressed. This can be achieved through ideal preparation. If the clothes, towel and possibly diapers are already ready, the toddler’s risk of getting cold is reduced. A unique baby bath towel with a cosy hood can be helpful here.


So when it comes to an inflatable bathtub for babies and children, there are a few things to keep in mind that you learned about in this article. It is always important not to let the offspring bathe unsupervised.

As soon as you have found a suitable product and want to use it, the right water temperature and a pleasantly warm room temperature are essential factors.

Now it can be worth taking a look at our top 7 best bathtubs for kids because there you will find very recommendable models and you will save yourself a long search for the right products.

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