7 Usual Myths About Tankless Water Heaters

Myths About Tankless Water HeatersThe water heaters tankless have taken the appliance industry by storm. Since they were introduced to the market, they have overshadowed conventional water heaters. Every homeowner is buying them, from the homemaker to the conservationist, comfort, and convenience. And all this for all the right reasons, with a tankless water heater you get higher efficiency, you get an unlimited supply of hot water that does not take up more space than a large suitcase.

The features mentioned above are what most people think of when they are thinking about changing their water heaters. Without thinking, right? While many looks at the brighter sides of this gadget, many argue that these are not effective. But people who say these water heaters are useless to have been misled by certain myths and rumors.

As tankless water heaters are a relatively new technology, people do not have much knowledge about it. They tend to believe in misconceptions.

Myths about tankless water heaters

If you are a homeowner and consider purchasing tankless water heaters to enjoy hot water in your daily bath, here are seven myths about tankless water heaters that you need to stop believing.

1. Tankless water heaters can put a hole in your pocket

Upgrading a tankless water heater can seem expensive at first. Installation can cost you a considerable amount of money, but what you don’t understand is that you will save a great deal of money compared to traditional water heaters as it consumes less electricity in the long term. Furthermore, it will also pay for itself in a certain period.

The tankless water tank has a low operating cost but, at the same time, will provide a long and productive life. The energy factor or EF in a typical water heater tank can be as low as 60, but tankless water heaters are in the mid-’80s. Tankless water heaters are up to 25% more efficient than an average heater. Plus, it does not store hot water that is not being used, so you do not have to spend extra money on something you are not using.

You will enjoy the effects for yourself as you stop trusting in the idea that tankless water heaters are super pricey and purchase them.

2. Tankless water heaters deliver hot water “instantly.”

Somehow, the word “instant” is now synonymous with “tankless” in consumers’ minds. However, the fact is that when a conventional water heater is replaced by a tankless water heater in its current location, it is not going to deliver hot water to your tap at the speed of light. It may be faster than the previous model but using the word “instant” is over the top.

You also need to understand that they require natural gas to only start working when they detect the flow. In this case, there may be a few extra seconds before the hot water reaches the tap. The distance determines the speed of the hot water the water heater has been installed from the tap.

3. It does not provide enough water to consumers

Another misconception about tankless water heaters is one that considers them inefficient. It paints the picture that a tankless water heater does not provide the container with the proper water amount. This myth also suggests that only traditional storage-tank water heaters can hold a large amount of water.

But the truth is that the cold water that comes in cannot maintain the water’s consistency that comes out. Tankless water heaters are designed to keep the outlet water at a constant temperature, which always allows them to provide users with sufficient water.

4. Almost all tankless water heaters are the same

This is a funny myth! Apart from the apparent fact that in essence they are just “tankless,” each of them comes with a special function that it serves. Some brands are rated higher than the others as they provide customers with a better firepower boost and are much easier to install.

Over the years, tankless water heaters have become exceptionally reliableinexpensive, and in some cases, convenient to install. For different uses, some of the labels are stronger than the others. But among these things, a fact that goes unnoticed is that no matter what the quality of the unit is, if it is not installed correctly, your house will suffer And how are you going to say a positive from a bad one? Yeah, you’re paying a professional to do your dirty work. They are experts and will evaluate your home’s requirements and suggest a tankless heater that meets your specific needs.

5. The water is overheated

This misconception arose from the fact that the water heated in the tankless water heater is getting hotter, posing a health hazard. But to know the truth, you would be shocked. This myth is the opposite and is valid for traditional water heaters and not for those without a tank.

Older versions tended to overheat the water contained in the tank because the influx of cold water did not have adequate hot water. But tankless water heaters are safer than traditional water heaters, as they only heat the water a little higher than the desired temperature.

6. It will not supply constant hot water

Many people believe that a tankless water heater will be unable to provide them with a constant flow of water. They have been led to believe that eventually, cold water will enter the hot water stream. But what these people need to understand is that it is not possible, cold water cannot in any way join the hot water flow, as it has to pass through a heating element before it finally reaches the outlet, for So with a tankless water heater you are guaranteed a constant flow of hot water.

All you must do is turn on the hot water and enjoy the continuous flow of hot water. People ought to avoid engaging in myths; just because water is not contained by a tankless device does not mean that it does not have the ability to fulfill customer demands.

7. They require annual inspections

This is a myth that you can say goodbye to forever! You can breathe a sigh of relief with a tankless unit knowing that you do not have to spend on this system inspection every year. Unlike your dental or doctor appointments, your tankless water heater is an appliance that by no means requires an annual review. Although you should not take it lightly, you should make sure to continue to inspect your system for possible damage from time to time.

Debunking these seven myths about tankless water heaters was especially important! Homeowners need to steer clear of these unfounded myths and choose a tankless heater. Stop using the tank for better efficiency!

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